The primary and continuing business objective of Applied Fiber Concepts, Inc. is to provide high quality armor products and design services that satisfy current and emerging needs of the military, law enforcement, private security, and protective product manufacturing communities. AFCI has committed the necessary resources to meet or exceed the most stringent customer requirements.

Tactical & Military Armor and Accessories

Applied Fiber Concepts, Inc. boasts more than 20 years of experience producing body armor and quality tactical gear for law enforcement, private security, and the US military.  This experience translates directly to our quality Tactical Armor.  AFCI prides itself on being flexible in order to accommodate custom orders and produce a variety of functional tactical accessories.

Concealable Armor

The founder of AFCI has over 20 years of experience producing protective garments for law enforcement and military personnel.  We understand fit, form & function.  AFCI understands the need for body armor that offers the most ballistic protection at an affordable price with the comfort and flexibility to allow our heroes to perform their duties at the highest level.  At AFCI, we don’t just manufacture a protective garment, we dedicate our lives to saving lives.

Ballistic Solutions

Applied Fiber Concepts, Inc. offers independently tested and certified bullet resistant soft armor that not only meets the military and law enforcement standards, but exceeds them.   Our primary focus is protecting our heroes.


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